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Virgental Valley – Hiking Valley Hut book Go for Gold - the Virgentaler WanderThaler 2023 Foto: TVB Osttirol / Maier

2 The following stamps are required for the bronze Wander-thaler: Virger Bauernladen (from a purchase of € 10,-), Stabanthütte, Wodenalm, Zunigalm, Würfelehütte, Lasnitzenhütte, Islitzeralm und Niljochhütte. _____________________________ The following stamps are required for the silver Wander-thaler: All stamps required for the Bronze Wander-thaler plus Essener- und Rostockerhütte, Johannishütte, Neue Sajathütte, Bonn-Matreier Hütte, Badenerhütte, Zupalseehütte, Neue Reichenbergerhütte, Lasörlinghütte, Clarahütte and Eisseehütte. _____________________________ The following stamps are required for the gold Wander-thaler: All stamps required for the Bronze and Silver Wander-Thaler plus a nationalpark-ranger tour. _____________________________ Where to get your Wander-thaler? If all the required stamps are available in the Virgentaler hut book, report to the tourist-offices Matrei, Virgen or Prägraten a. Gr. All stamps for the Virgentaler-Wander-thaler can be acquired within the duration of several hiking holidays! Impressive panoramas, freshening mountain-lakes, quaint huts, local delicacies and many more impressions to get in the walking paradise Virgental-valley and in the nature of the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern with its numerous peaks more than 3.000 m in altitude. Take the new „Virgentaler Wander-thaler“ in bronze, silver or gold home with you. As an incentive for your next walking-holiday in the Virgental-valley. Because once you‘ve been there you will want to come again. How to get your free Virgentaler Wander-thaler: VIRGENTALER WANDER-THALER

4 5 Page 9 ESSENER- u. ROSTOCKERHÜTTE 2.208 m DAV Sektion Essen Page 10 STABANT HÜTTE 1.777 m Private Hut, Obkircher Gabi and Erich Page 11 JOHANNISHÜTTE 2.121 m DAV Sektion Oberland, Family Unterwurzacher Page 12 NEUE SAJAT HÜTTE 2.600 m Private Hut, Kratzer Stefan Page 13 EISSEEHÜTTE 2.521 m Private Hut, Markus Islitzer Page 14 NILLJOCHHÜTTE 1.990 m Private Hut, Tenant Milan Hudec Page 15 BONN-MATREIER HÜTTE 2.750 m ÖAV / DAV, Tenant Andreas Rainer Page 16 BADENER HÜTTE 2.608 m ÖAV-Sektion Baden, Steiner Marco Page 17 WODEN ALM 1.825 m Private Hut, Family Niederegger Page 34 ZUNIG ALM 1.846 m Private Hut, Family Rainer Page 35 WÜRFELEHÜTTE 1.380 m Private Hut, Mariacher Ludwig Page 36 ZUPALSEE HÜTTE 2.350 m Private Hut, Family Tschoner Page 37 LASÖRLINGHÜTTE 2.293 m Private Hut, Tenantin Heidi Bender Page 38 LASNITZEN HÜTTE 1.900 m Private Hut, Berger Alois Page 39 NEUE REICHENBERGER HÜTTE 2.586 m ÖAV Sektion Reichenberg, Werner Kuba Page 40 CLARAHÜTTE 2.038 m DAV Sektion Essen, Karin Mikusová and Juraj Malek Page 41 ISLITZER ALM 1.513 m Jausenstation, Berger Johannes HUTS Alpine farming Eat & Drink Overnight accomodation for ski tours suitable (open) VIRGENTAL VALLEY Freedom, Peace, Happiness, Silence - from hut to hut through the Hohe Tauern National Park Already 30 years ago the alpine pasture and hut keepers of the valley united to form the „Virgentaler Hütten“ association. This association made it possible to expand the Lasörling- and Venedigerhöenweg, in order to enable the hike from hut to hut. The aim of the association is to make the guests aware of our beautiful hiking valley through the cooperation and association of the hut owners. Chairwoman Sara Rainer Herausgeber: Verein Virgentaler Hütten. Gestaltung: Studio Superfast, Lienz. Fotos: Titelseite: Nationalpark Hohe Tauern/Mathäus Gartner; Weisskopf, Virgentaler Hütten, Nationalpark Hohe Tauern/Martin Lugger. Druck: Oberdruck, Dölsach. Druck- und Satzfehler vorbehalten.

6 7 The Virgen Valley circled by Walter Mair Two great mountain groups frame the well-known Virgental with populated areas sheltered in summer green. The Virgental is bordered to the south by the Lasörlingkamm and to the north by the vanguard of the Venediger group. The forests rise steeply to the alpine pastures and refuges, which connect the adventurous high-altitude trails like a string of pearls. We are already on the way in the raised floors of the mountains, from where we look into the valley floor as if with eagle eyes. In the area of the Hohe Tauern National Park, the present hiking stages lead into natural and unique mountain areas. Let‘s start at the Nikolauskirche in the Matrei district of Ganz and on the Zunigalm in the upper edge of the forest. The next destination on the Bärensteig is the Arnitzalm (not serviced) and, in a further stage, the Wetterkreuzhütte (not serviced). The Wetterkreuztaxi supports the high-altitude hikers there. The Zupalseehütte is easy to reach on a family-friendly route and the Lasörlinghütte is a worthwhile destination for the day with more distance. The further course to the Bergerseehütte should be snow-free, while on the Muhs-Panoramaweg to the Lasnitzenalm the white-clad alpine panorama shows itself from the most beautiful side. The Lasörling-Höhenweg to the Reichenberger Hütte on the Bödensee reminds you of stamina and surefootedness, before the Venediger-Höhenweg takes the lead with the descent to the Pebell and Islitzeralm to the nature power path and the Umbal Falls water viewing path. The promising Turmljoch connects to the Johannishütte in the Dorfer Valley, where we climb to the Defreggerhaus on historic routes and in close contact with the ice-shining Großvenediger. Via the Zopetscharte we reach the Eisseehütte in the Timmeltal, where the Prägrater Höhenweg also includes the Sajathütte in the range of important bases on the Venediger Höhenweg. With an impressive view of both the valley and the Lasörlingkamm opposite, we arrive at the Bonn-Matreier-Hütte. There the route swings northwards to the Badener Hütte in the Frosnitz Valley and over the Löbbentörl into the picture-book landscape of the Gschlösser Almen. One floor below and closer to the Virger valley, the Stabanthütte and Nilljochhütte all the way to the Gottschaunalm invite you to take a leisurely hike. The Wodenalm completes the recommended mountain and hiking experience with lasting impressions in the Hohe Tauern National Park. Foto: TVB Osttirol/Assil

8 9 Stamp Stamp Huts along the Venediger hiking trail © Gerald Weißkopf ESSENER u. ROSTOCKER HÜTTE 2.208 m DAV hut (alpine association - Sektion Essen) Tenant „Wiggerl“ Thomas LUDWIG Maurertal 1, 9974 Prägraten Phone +43 4877 5101 (March – September) A beautiful view to the glacier The Essener and Rostocker Hütte is a beautiful and important starting point along the Venedigerhöhenweg and along the Route Hoch Tirol. The place offers a breathtaking panorama to the three thousand meter high mountain peaks. Take part in an alpine course in the area of the Dreiherrn-, Simony- and Malhamsummits to get more experience in mountaineering an climbing. The hut is also open for ski tourer. Ascent: Parking area Ströden 2 ½ h, after about 20 minutes possibilty for your luggage transport Huts nearby: Johannishütte 3 ½ h, Clarahütte über Ströden 4 h, Clarahütte über Hochkarscharte 6 h (schwarzer Weg), Warnsdorferhütte 4 ½ h, Kürsingerhütte 6h Tours: Dreiherrnspitze 5 ½ h, Simonyspitzen 3 ½ h, Malhamspitzen 4 ½ h, Quirl 4 h, Maurerkeesköpfe 3 ½ h, Großer Geiger 4 h, Großer Happ 3 ½ h, Rostocker Eck 2 ½ h, Hinterer Gubachspitz 3 ½ h, Vorderer Gubachspitz 3 ½ h Via ferrata Türmljoch: Information and registration: Venediger-Bergführer (mountain guides) Foto: Karin Frei

10 11 Stamp Stamp STABANTHÜTTE 1.777 m Private hut Gabi and Erich Obkircher Phone hut +43 664 220 75 77 The castle in Prägraten Situated at the Virgental SonnPagenweg on one of the most beautiful places in Prägraten with a great view to Lasörling- and Schobergroup and to Matreier Goldried. Walk along a magic larch wood to the hut, enjoy the alpine flora and pick up its wonderful smell. Suitable for all ages, by mountain bike and in bad weather. Playground, seminar- and conference room and deckchairs complete the offer. 1. place in 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2018 by „Mei liabste Hütt’n“ and rewarded with the „Austrian walking quality seal“. Open: from begining of June till middle of October (wednesday rest day) Specialities: Tyrolean home cooking and delicacies cooked with love - freshly prepared by the landlady Gabi. Overnight accommodation is available. We kindly ask you to register in advance! Ascent: Parking area Bichl 1 h, from Hinterbichl 1 ½ h, via Katin/ Maurach 1 ½ h. Fine walkable even in bad weather. Accessible by mountain bike on a publicly approved route. Huts nearby: Sajathütte 2 h, Eisseehütte 4 ½ h, Nilljochhütte, Schmiedleralm © E. Obkircher JOHANNISHÜTTE 2.121 m DAV-Sektion Oberland (alpine association) Tenant: Unterwurzacher Leonhard Hinterbichl 19b, 9974 Prägraten a. Gr. Phone +43 4877 5150 (hut) LIVE WEBCAM: Südansicht Großvenedigermassiv: oder At the bottom of the Großvenediger! Open: For skiingtours from the beginnig of March till beginning of May Summer: Middle of June till beginning of October Ascent: Hinterbichl/parking area Wiesenkreuz (chargeable) along the road in about 2 h, suitable for all ages; or hiking path till Gumpachkreuz. In summer transfer with the Venediger Taxi, Phone +43 4877 5369 Huts nearby: via Türmljoch to the Essener and Rostockerhütte 3 ½ hours, via Zopatscharte to the Eisseehütte 4 hours, via Kreuzspitze to the Sajathütte 4 hours (black path) Ausstattung: It offers 50 „Lager“ beds, comfy restaurant with a tiled stove, shower, lavatory with warm water, drying room, shoe dryer, a big terrace, teriffic view to the Großvenediger, playground, boulder-mats-rental; registration requested! Spezialitäten aus der Küche: Tyrolean home-made dishes and sweets. Schöne Tourenziele: Großvenediger 3.674 m, Weißspitze 3.300 m, Kreuzspitze 3.164 m, Zopetspitze 3.198m, Großer Geiger 3.360 m, Großer Happ 3.352 m, Kristallwand 3.329 m; • Via Ferrata Türmljoch • Popular mountain bike route from Hinterbichl 8.5 km • Varied bouldering area near the hut (bouldering mat rental for a fee) • Starting point for wonderful ski tours • Base of the Hoch-Tirol ski route © L. Unterwurzacher, © VAUDE - Toniolo

12 13 Stamp Stamp NEUE SAJATHÜTTE 2.600 m Private Hut directly on the Venediger-Höhenweg Stefan Kratzer Phone hut +43 664 54 54 460 A castle in the mountains The old Sajathütte was distroyed in 2001 by an avalanche, the new hut was reopened after only one year. It offers comfy rooms and „Lager“-beds, 2 patios to enjoy the surrounding mauntains and an 10 m high indoor climbing tower. Possibility of luggage-delivery and to rent the climbing-equipment. Open: Beginning of May till end of October Ascent: From parking area „Bodenalm“ along the Timmeltal about 2 ½ h, along Bichl Blumenweg or Stabanthütte 3 h, along Bichl Timmeltal 4 h, from Johannishütte via Kreuzspitze 4 h (difficulty: hard), Driveway with the Venediger taxi Kratzer. Hint: Sajatscharte closed! Huts nearby: Eisseehütte 2 ½ h, Bonn-Matreier-Hütte 4h Tours: Rote Säule 2.822 m along the via ferrata or along the normal ascent in 1 h, Scherneskopf 3.048 m 1 ½ h, Kreuzspitze 3.164 m 2 h, Hinterer Sajatkopf 3.098 m 3 h, Tulpspitze 3.054 m, Zopetspitze 3.198 m. © Kratzer - Sajathütte DIE EISSEEHÜTTE 2.521 m Private hut Family Islitzer Phone hut +43 680 2041698 In the heart of the Timmeltal-valley At the end of the Timmeltal and just below the beautiful Eissee, the hut is the starting point for numerous three-thousand-meter peaks with partly new summit crosses. The Eissee hut is located on the Venediger Höhenweg and offers cozy room dormitories and wonderful Zirben double and four-bed rooms. On the sun terrace you can enjoy the beautiful view the delicious home cooking. In winter you can also do some ski tours. Open: Middle of June till end of September (depends on the weather) In Winter: from middle march, to end of april Ascent: From parking area Boden Alm 2 ½ h, from Bichl 3 h Huts nearby: Stabanthütte 2 h, Defreggerhaus via Wallhorner Törl 4 h (Only with a mountain guide!), Sajathütte via Timmeltal Höhenweg 2 ½ h, Nilljochhütte 2 ½ h, Bonn-Matreier Hütte 3 ½ h, Badenerhütte 6 h Ski Tours: Weißspitze, Seeköpfe, Kl. Hexenkopf, Kreuzspitze, Venedigerrundtour, Eicham Tours: Weißspitze 3.300 m – 2 ½-3 h, Seewandspitze 3.024 m – 2 h, Zopetspitze 3.198 m – 2 h, Tulpspitze 3.054 m – 1,5h, Kreuzspitze 3.164 m – 2 h, Hinterer Seekopf 3.234 m – 2 h, Vorderer Seekopf 3.280 m – 2 h, Gr. + kl. Hexenkopf 3.313 m – ca. 3,5h /3.194 m - ca. 3,0 h © M. Islitzer

14 15 Stamp Stamp NILLJOCHHÜTTE 1.990 m Private hut Milan Hudec Phone +43 676 46 123 88 Unique 360° mountain panorama! Especially popular hut for children and seniors. The big and sunny patio offers a fantastic view to the surrounding peaks and the Virgental-valley. The comfy restaurant with an open fire place is perfectly suitable for family-, private- or company-parties. Highly suitable to start the Venediger Höhenweg! Open: Beginning of June – end of September daily Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten: It offers 17 beds (1 room for 10, 2 rooms for 4 and 1 room for 3). All rooms are with shower/WC. Specialities: Home-made Tyrolean main courses, cakes, sweets and ice-cream. Ascent: from Prägraten parking area along the parking area Bodenalm 1h, from Virgen/ Obermauern to parking area Budam 1 1/4 h,from Virgen to parking area Marin 2h Huts nearby: Bonn-Matreier Hütte (2.745 m) 2 ½ h, Eisseehütte (2.521 m) 3 ½ h, Neue Sajathütte (2.575 m) 3 ½ h, Gottschaunalm (1.946 m) 1 h, Schmiedleralm (2.082 m) ½ h, Stuhleralm (2.300 m) 1 h Summits: Wunspitze (3.219 m) 4 ½ h, Schaufel (2.633 m) 1 ¾ h, Esel (2.401 m) 1 ½ h; beautiful tours: Hocheicham (3.371 m) 5 h, Sailkopf (3.209 m) 3 ½ h BONN-MATREIER HÜTTE 2.750 m Hut of the Alpenverein der OeAV-Sektion Matrei und der DAV-Sektion Bonn (alpine associations) Tenant Andreas Rainer Phone hut +43 664 3481006 or +43 4874 5577 Fabulous panorama till Triglav/Slovenia. Build in 1932 on a individuated mountain ridge in the Eichamgroup. Wonderful panorama to Triglav, the Dolomites and the Lasörlinggroup. Very nice hut to stop or stay overnight along the Venediger Höhenweg. Top place to start unforgetable tours to summits. Open: 1. June – till end of October (depends on the weather) Ascent: From parking area „Bodenalm“ 4 h, from Obermauern/Budam 3 ½ h, from Obermauern/Marin 4 h Huts nearby: Badenerhütte via Galtenscharte 5 ½ h, Eisseehütte 4 h, Sajathütte 4 h, Schmiedleralm 1 ½ h, Nilljochhütte 2 h Tours: Rauhkopf 3.070 m 1 h, Sailkopf 3.209 m 1 ½ h, Hoher Eicham 3.371 m 3 h, via Kälberscharte and Galtenscharte to Badener Hütte, along Kleines Nilltal to Gottschaunalm © W. Heinz, © G. Weißkopf

16 17 Stamp Stamp BADENER HÜTTE 2.608 m Hut of the Alpenverein der OeAV-Sektion Baden (alpine association) Tenant: Marco Steiner Phone +43 664 91 55 666 In the midst of mountain crystals Located above the wild-romantic Froßnitztal valley and in the near of the Froßnitzkees (glacier) Pass very old alp villages and historical miners‘ houses along the Froßnitztal valley. Also an unforgetable route is via Innergschlöß and Löbbentörl to Badener Hütte. Enjoy terrivic views and wine from Baden by Vienna! It is known as the highest „Heuriger“ in Austria as well. Open: End of June till middle of September (depends on the weather) Ascent: From Gruben via Froßnitztal valley along Katal-Alm, Mitteldorfer Alm and Gosser Alm 4 - 5 h, from Katal Alm along the miners‘ houses 5 - 6 h, via Innergschlöß and Löbbentörl 5 - 6 h, along Matreier Tauernhaus and Wildenkogel 7 h Huts nearby: Bonn-Matreier Hütte along Galtenscharte 5 ½ h, Neue Prager Hütte via Löbbentörl 4 ½ h, Venedigerhaus Innergschlöß via Löbbentörl 3 h, Matreier Tauernhaus 4 h, Defreggerhaus via Froßnitztörl 5 h (only with a mountain-guide!) Tours: Kristallwand 3.329 m 3 h, Weißspitze 3.300 m 3 ½ h, Hohe Achsel 3.161 m 4 h, Innerer Knorrkogel 2.884 m 2 h, Wildenkogel 3.022 m 3 ½ h, Dabernitzkogel 2.972 m 3 ½ h; Großvenediger 3.674 m 5 ½ h © ÖAV Sektion Baden, © M. Steiner WODENALM 1.825 m Private hut Family Niederegger Zedlach 12, 9971 Matrei in Osttirol Phone hut +43 664 154 9790 or valley +43 699 1216 5858 Along old paths and the Zedlacher Paradies Even the paths to the Wodenalm are a unique experience. The Zedlach Paradise is crossed by old cart tracks and a comfortable forest road that leads past larch stands that are more than 500 years old. Arriving at the Wodenalm, you can enjoy the delicious specialties and regional farm products and have a breathtaking view of the Granatspitz, Schober, Glockner and Lasörling groups, the Dolomites and the Malhamkees from the sun terrace. Open: Beginning of June till end of October Ascent: From the parking lot at the entrance of the village Zedlach comfortably along the road or sporty along the hollow way (Jösenhof) approx. 2h • From the small parking lot at the edge of the forest via a comfortable forest road approx. 1 1/2 hrs. • From the parking lot Dirnburg/Hinteregg sporty (steeper) ascent approx 1 h • we are also easily accessible from Matrei via the Thiemeweg (new theme trail). Shorter access on the Zedlacherstrasse. (Attention: no parking) approx. 3h. © Grafik Zlöbl, © A. Niederegger

19 18 Stamp DEFREGGERHAUS 2.964 m Hütte des Österreichischen Touristenklubs (ÖTK) (alpine association) The gate to the Großvenediger The hut of the Austrian Tourist Club is one of the oldest and highest located in the Eastern Alps. The refuge was built in 1887 and named after the famous painter Franz von Defregger. From the hut you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of over 30 three-thousandmeter peaks. Open: End of June till middle/end of September (depending on the weather) Winter: On request for ski tourer. Please make a reservation for your overnight stay and your tour to the Großvenediger! Ascent: From Hinterbichl to Johannishütte about 2 h, transfer with Venediger Taxi possible Phone 04877 5369. Johannishütte further on to Defreggerhaus about 2 ½ h. Huts nearby: Johannishütte 1 ½ h, Eisseehütte via Wallhornertörl* 4 h, Neue Pragerhütte via Rainertörl* 4 ½ h, Badenerhütte via Froßnitztörl* 4 h, Kürsingerhütte via Venedigerscharte* 4 ½ h. * only with a mountain guide Tours: Shortest ascent to the Großvenediger 3.666 m in about 2 ½ h. Große Venedigertour „Venedigerkrone“ incl. Großvenediger, Schwarze Wand 3506 m, Hohe Aderl 3506 m, Hoher Zaun 3451 m and Rainer Horn 3559 m in about 4 bis 5 h; Foto: TVB Osttirol / Waldner

20 21 The mountain calls - not loudly, but very quietly, often only with a whisper. In the mountain massifs of the Virgental there are a thousand opportunities to experience the feeling of happiness in the walls and on the peaks in the area of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Over 60 three-thousand-meter peaks, numerous easy-to-climb mountains, climbing walls and via ferrata, bouldering boulders - in a relatively small space, guests can find everything they need in traditional and modern alpinism. The mountain huts of the Virgen Valley are the ideal bases on the mountain and hiking tour. Not only does the landlord provide information here, you often come across local mountain guides and mountaineering groups from all over the world who are out and about in the rock and ice region of the Virgen Valley in order to gain experience, learn alpine skills or simply feel the proverbial happiness on the summit . On the many via ferratas you can use fixed steel ropes and ladders to penetrate walls that were previously only reserved for experienced alpinists. The local mountain and ski guide knows every stone, every corner and knows where danger lurks. Traveling with him not only provides security - the mountain guide also has a lot to tell about the people here, about mountain adventures and summit experiences, and he gives tips for the next tour in the wonderful world of the Virgental rock and ice region. Peaks, ridges and Via ferratas – on the way to yourself

22 23 Leben, so wie es sein soll Leisurely hiking by the last still free-flowing glacial river in the Alps. A unique route through a magical water world with an individual choice of sections! From the town Lienz through green valleys to the Arctic glacial gateway in the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Foto: Ramona Waldner Osttirol Information • • T +43 50 212 212 5 stages 74,2 km 2.169 hm NATURE ENERGY PATH UMBALFÄLLE Water Vista Trail Prägraten a.G. More than in any other valley of the Hohe Tauern, the landscape-shaping effect and the essence of a glacier brook are shown in such an impressive way as in the Umballtal with the imposing cascades of the Isel. The smoothly ground green rock of the river bed with the washed-out hollow forms gives an idea of the power of the flowing water masses. The nature trail of the same name invites you on a journey of discovery and offers spectacular insights into the Isel cataracts. Further Informations:

24 25 Farmers shop Virgen Virgental Straße 61, 9972 Virgen Tel. +43 664 3041177 For more than 20 years regional products have been produced by ancient recipes and tradtitional crafts and have been sold in the course of direct marketing to our customers. All products exclusively come from the nationalpark region. We are offering several sorts of Schnaps, bread, doughnuts, cakes, Speck, sausages, butter, cheese, marmelade, juices, honey, herbal teas, herbal salt, Schlipfkrapfen, handiworks and many more. All products can be packed as gifts or souvenirs in request. Open: We/Th/Fr 14:00 – 18:00 h Saturday 9:00 – 12:00 h Find us on Stamp: From a purchase of 10,00 Euro.

26 27 This map is purely an overview map, and does not replace a proper hiking map! Explanation of signs Postbus stop Hut taxi stop Car park National Park Information Tourist information Hiking routes only with mountain guide Cartography: Openstreemap T H i Nationalpark house Information Service Exhibition

28 29 Der Tonlodn - Handwork out of passion At Tonlodn in Matrei in East Tyrol, special one-off pieces are made by hand with love. Tonlodn Ofenbau Niederegger I Virgenerstr.16 9971 Matrei/Ostt. +43 676 6825571 I I Handmade unique pieces, decoration and gifts Each piece is unique Innovative ideas that inspire Hiking on the sunny side Leben, so wie es sein soll Information • • T +43 50 212 500 On the paths of our ancestors: The Virgentaler Sonnseiten circular hiking trail starts in Prägraten am Großvenediger and connects a number of rustic huts and alpine pastures on the sunny terrace of the Virgental, starting with the Stabant-, Sajathütte, Bodenalm, Nilljochhütte, Schmiedleralm and Gotschaunalm. Foto: Johannes Geyer

30 31 Thiemeweg Leben, so wie es sein soll Information • • T +43 50 212 500 The most beautiful way to the Wodenalm The trail first leads directly along the Tauernbach stream to the district of Proßegg. From there you cross the bridge, follow the road and turn left at the fountain. After a few hundred meters the Thiemeweg begins. On the Thiemeweg you walk on historical paths, as it is already more than 100 years old. Several „Inne-Halt-Stations“ breathe new life into the path. These play stations (weighing game, ball game, water pipes, gnome village, harp game, alphorns, firecrackers,...) are an absolute highlight especially for children. The trail can be reached either from the Proßegg district or from the Zedlacher Straße. It leads along a gently ascending path to the mountain village of Zedlach and ends at the herbal inn Strumerhof. Foto: Bernhard Assmair Spazierweg "Thiemeweg" Höhenprofil Spazierweg "Thiemeweg" Höhenprofil Hohe Tauern Nationalpark – The idea throughout the world Started with Yellowstone National Park sparked the idea of a protected natural space to experience and feel a passion in the hearts of people around the world. At 18 km, the Hohe Tauern National Park is the largest national park in Central Europe and has shares in three federal states: Tyrol, Salzburg and Carinthia. With glaciers, high mountain valleys, forests, moors, rivers, lakes, colorful flower meadows and much more, the Hohe Tauern brought a particularly impressive biodiversity, which on the one hand through the enormous height levels - from the valley to the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner at 3798 m - and on the other the rich water resources are made possible. In the Hohe Tauern National Park, the focus is on the impressive nature and the opportunity to experience it. With species protection projects and scientific surveys, we try to maintain and protect the special world of the Hohe Tauern and do not neglect the cultural landscape, in which old traditions and customs are not forgotten and are still passed on from generation to generation. Nationalparktips in the Virgental-valley: • Nature Energy Path Umbalfälle • Exhibition „Tauernblicke - Momente des Staunens“ - Nationalparkhaus Matrei • guided Rangertours • Adlerweg Osttirol • Iseltrail Experience nature with a ranger Guided hiking tours according to the summer program: Costs: Adults from € 20,00 / Children up to 14 years € 13,00 Rent a Ranger The individual national park experience tailored entirely to personal wishes. Cost: € 250 / Ranger and Tour Information and Booking Nationalparkhaus, 9971 Matrei i. O., Kirchplatz 2 Phone: +43 4875 5161 10,, SIGNATURE: GUIDED RANGERTOUR

32 33 Huts along the Lasörling hiking trail TVB Osttirol - Peter Maier

34 35 Stamp Stamp ZUNIGALM 1.846 m Family Rainer Waier 2, 9971 Matrei Phone +43 4875 62 40 Phone hut +43 (0)664 9059063 Fascinating glances to Tauern- and Virgental valley The Zunig Alm towers high above the valley basin of Matrei. From the sun terrace you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the realm of the Hohe Tauern National Park: the Tauern and Virgental, the Glockner, Granatspitz, Venediger and Schober groups as well as the Malhamkees. In addition, you can be spoiled by the Rainer family with regional delicacies and enjoy the widely known desserts - especially the legendary blackberry omelet. Open: 10. June till middle of October Ascent: Via the Matrei districts of Bichl or Ganz to St. Nikolauskirche and the Guggenberg car park. From there 2 to 2 ½ hours on a wide hiking trail to the Zunig Alm, easily accessible for children and seniors. Tours: Großer Zunig 2.771 m, Kleiner Zunig 2.443 m, Zunigsee 2.112 m, Malereck with a view over the Dolomites, begin of the Lasörling Höhenweges Huts nearby: Arnitzalm (not cultivated) along the Bärensteig 1h,along Zunigsee and Ganitzle 11/2h, Zupalseehütte 7 - 8 h Specialities: Tyrolean home cooking, Apfelstrudel, Heidelbeeromlette, Bratwürstl with Kraut, Brettljause, Kaiserschmarren. © Fam. Rainer WÜRFELEHÜTTE 1.380 m Private Hut Mariacher Ludwig Phone +43 664 5328139 Würfelehütte auf Facebook The hiking destination for young and old A cosy, rustic parlor and sunny terraces invite you to linger and offer a wonderful view of the Virg mountains with their many three-thousanders. Our focus is on the little guests, for whom we have built a small play and fun paradise. The kitchen team cooks with a lot of love and spoils you with freshly prepared delicacies, homemade pastries, ice cream variations, etc. Of course, you can also have a healthy and rich brunch at the Würfelehütte. Among other things, a delicious “cube breakfast” is served from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. if ordered in advance. Guest rooms also suitable for larger groups such as birthday parties, family celebrations etc. Open: Summer: Mai till middle of October Winter: from 25.12. till middle of March Ascent: from the Virgen/Tratte car park, approx. 45 minutes on foot. In summer by car on your own road (toboggan run). Driveway illuminated at night. taxi service. Special features: Toboggan rental, taxi service, playground, brunch

36 37 Stamp Stamp ZUPALSEEHÜTTE 2.350 m Private Hut Family Tschoner Phone +43 650 5457402 The heart of the Virgentaler huts The Zupalsee hut is one of the most beautiful shelters in the Virgental. From the Zupalsee Hut a little further into the valley, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the peaks in the Hohe Tauern National Park. The cozy Zirbenstube, the Almdiele and the sun terrace invite you to linger, quiet and pause. Overnight accommodation for 35 people. Also highly recommended for longer hut holidays. 25 beds in rooms with cold and warm water, 10 storage spaces, 2 washrooms / showers, central heating, electricity. Open: Middle of June till beginning October Ascent: From Virgen in about 3 ½ - 4 h to Wetterkreuz Hütte and then in about 1 ½ h further on to Zupalsee Hütte. Along the Steinkaastal in about 3 ½ - 4 h, by taxi in about 30 minutes to Wetterkreuz Hütte - registration necessary, please phone: +43 650 5457402 Huts nearby: Speikbodenhütte 4 h, along the panorma path to Lasörlinghütte 3 h Tours: Zupalkogel 2.720 m, Oberstkogel 2.574 m, Legerle 2.527 m, Speikboden 2.653 m, Donnerstein 2.725 m © T. Tschoner LASÖRLINGHÜTTE 2.293 m Private Hut Tenant: Heidi Bender Virgentalstraße 85, 9972 Virgen Phone hut +49 172 8663267 or +43 664 1214045 The little village in the mountains The shelter built in 1982 in the so-called „Glaurat“ in the rear Mullitztal is a popular base on the Lasörling Höhenweg and on the way to the Lasörling summit at 3098 m above sea level. With the additions and outbuildings, a unique alpine ensemble emerged over time, a small village in the mountains. From the sun terrace you can enjoy a wonderful view of Austria‘s highest mountain, the Großglockner, and the Virger Nordkette. Open: Beginning/middle of June till the end of September (depends on the weather) Ascent: From the Virg district of Welzelach on the Almfahrweg via Mullitztal and Stadler Alm 3 hours, from the Wetterkreuz Hütte 3 ½ to 4 hours, also easily accessible for children and seniors. Huts nearby: via Bergertörl to Bergerseehütte 3 ½ h, via Prägratner Törl to Neuen Reichenbergerhütte 6 ½ h, along the Niedere Höhe to Lasnitzenhütte 3 ½ h. Tours: Lasörling (summit), 3.098 m 3 h (one of the best photo mountains in the Hohe Tauern National Park)

38 39 Stamp Stamp LASNITZENHÜTTE 1.900 m Private hut, Alois Berger St. Andrä 56, 9974 Prägraten am Großvenediger Phone hut +43 4877 5267 Phone valley +43 4877 5252 Wonderful view to the Großvenediger The Lasnitzenhütte in the wild and romantic Lasnitzental can be easily reached from Prägraten via the forest road, also for families with children and seniors. The mighty massif of the Großvenediger group accompanies us throughout the hike, the view of the Großvenediger from the hut terrace is particularly impressive. With this wonderful sight, we spoil you with homemade delicacies for big and small appetites. Roast veal, roast pork, Tyrolean dumplings, Tyrolean Gröstl and Kaiserschmarren are freshly prepared for you. You will remember the well-known and extremely popular Almkrapfen with a cup of coffee! Our comfortable single, double and multi-bed rooms as well as the cozy hut camp (shower facilities available!) invite you to spend the night in order to explore the wonderful mountain world of the Lasnitz Valley the next day after a hearty breakfast. Ascent: From Prägraten, parking area „Sägewerk“ via the forest road in about 2 h. Suitable for all ages! Easily accessible even in bad weather. Huts nearby: Via Muhs-Panoramaweg to Bergerseehütte 2 ½ h, Lasörlinghütte via Niedere Höhe 4 h, Neue Reichenbergerhütte 4 h, Umbalfälle 3 ½ h Tours: Toinig 2.666 m, Criselachspitz 2.750m, Weisl 2.730 m, Stampfles Spitzen 3.024 m, Blindis Spitze 3.000 m, Pitzles Horn 2.947 m, Lasörling 3.098 m. © A. Berger NEUE REICHENBERGER HÜTTE 2.586 m Hut of the OeAV-Sektion Reichenberg (alpine association) Tenant Werner Kuba Phone hut +43 4873 5580 Mobile: +49 151 560 49 308 Divinely at the Bödensee-lake The new Reichenberger Hütte is located on a beautiful spot on the Bödensee in the Lasörling group. From the Bachlenke a little above the hut you have an impressive view of the Großvenediger. The Alpine Club - Schutzhaus is the ideal accommodation halfway when you cross the Lasörlingkamm between the Defereggental and the Virgental. Mountain hikers also like to take a break or take a break Get a good night‘s sleep at the Neue Reichenberger Hütte when you are on the Lasörling Höhenweg or when you climb the peaks in the Virgen and Defereggental valleys, all of which are located in the Hohe Tauern National Park. Open: From middle of June till end of September (depends on the weather) Ascent: From Prägraten via Pebell- and Stürmitzalm along the Großbachtal-valley in about 4 h, via Kleinbachtal-valley in about 4 ½ h, from St. Jakob in the Defereggental-valley along the Hintere Troyeralm 4 h. Huts nearby: Via Dabertal-valley to Clara Hütte 3 h, along Rote Lenke and Micheltalscharte to Lasnitzen Hütte 3 ½ h and to Bergerseehütte 5 h, via Prägrater Törl to Lasörling Hütte 6 h Tours: Göselswand 2.912 m 1 h, Bachlenkenkopf 2.759 m ½ h, Finsterkarspitze 3.028 m, Keeseck 3.173 m, Rosenspitze 3.060 m exclusively vegan/vegetarian cuisine © J. Feldner

40 41 Stamp Stamp CLARAHÜTTE 2.038 m Hut of the DAV Sektion (alpine association) Tenant: Karin Mikusová und Juraj Malek 9974 Prägraten a. G. Phone +43 664 97 588 93 Phone valley: +42 190 2287273 The romantic hut in the Umbaltal-valley! The Clarahütte, the oldest hut in East Tyrol, is located in the heart of the Umbal Valley. It is the ideal hiking destination for all age groups. The way to the Clarahütte leads through the picturesque high mountain valley along the famous Umbal Falls: You can never get enough of this imposing natural spectacle! Renovated between 2013 and 2015, the Clarahütte has double, triple and four-bed rooms for a total of 22 people as well as a mattress dormitory with 8 beds. Enjoy local specialties on our sunny terrace with a view of the Rötspitze or in our cozy dining room. We are looking forward to your visit! Open: middle of June till beginning of October Ascent: From parking area Ströden along the Umbal-waterfalls in about 3 h, suitable for all ages! Huts nearby: Via Dabertal-valley to Neuen Reichenberger Hütte 4,5 h, along Wiesbauerweg and Hochkarscharte to Essener- und Rostocker Hütte 6 h, Philipp-Reuter-Hütte (bivouac) 2 ½ h, Lenkjöchlhütte 4 ½ h Tours: Rötspitze 5 h, Dreiherrnspitze 5 h, Gletschersteig Umbalkees 1 h, Wiesbauerspitze 2 ½ h, Umbaltaltalrundpfad (Philipp-ReuterHütte, Umbalkees) 3 h, Daberspitze (Hohe Saile) 6 h, Simonyspitzen 5 h, Malhamspitzen 4 ½ h, Hohes Kreuz 4 h © Pawlus-Biel, Bodzek ISLITZERALM 1.513 m Almgasthaus Johannes Berger Phone hut +43 664 97 59 790 Phone valley +43 4877 5285 Only inches away from the Umbal-water-falls! You sit on the sun terrace of the Islitzer Alm, hear the roaring and rustling of the Umbal Falls and look forward to hiking the Nature - Power - Path. But before you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of wild water, you can relax on the sun terrace of the rustic Almgasthaus with a hearty meal or enjoy coffee and cake. The children let off steam in the children‘s playground, and wildlife observation is also offered. Open: Beginning of May till end of October Ascent: Easy walk from the Ströden car park, past the portal of the Hohe Tauern National Park via the Almweg in ½ hour, easily accessible for children, seniors and with prams. Narrow waterfall path along the Isel. Huts nearby: along the Umbal Falls to the Clara Hütte 2 ½ hours, via Groß- or Kleinbachtal to the Neue Reichenberger Hütte 3 ½ hours Tours: Nature energy path Umbalfälle (water falls), via Lasnitzen Hütte to Toinig 2.666 m © G. Posch, © O. Ranacher

42 43 DEIN URLAUBSINFOPORTAL IN OSTTIROL From crystal blue to emerald green - in the most varied The many mountain lakes in Virgental present themselves in colors. Take a break on its banks, wade barefoot through the shallow water or even take a dip in the cool water, hikers and mountaineers will find refreshment, cooling off and relaxation in the mountain lakes in the Hohe Tauern National Park. On the way from the Zunigalm to the Big and Small Zunig lies the quiet, idyllic Zunigsee, where the highest mountain in Austria - the Großglockner - is reflected when the weather permits. The legendary Arnitzsee at 2.507 meters between the Arnitzalm and the Großer Zunig is also worth a trip. Sheep graze on the bank overgrown with Speik and Gentian - a wonderful place to find yourself. A highlight on the Lasörling-Höhenweg is the Lackensee, which can be reached on foot in around an hour from the Wetterkreuzhütte. The rustic Zupalseehütte and the peaks of the Virger Nordkette or the Venediger Group are reflected in the Zupalsee at 2.350 meters. Getting up and moving on is quite difficult in this breathtaking place. It doesn‘t take long, however, and we can take a rest and relax while hiking into the valley at the azzur blue Steinkassee. The Gumpenlacke and the Gritzer Lakes not far from the Lasörlinghütte are definitely worth a detour. A highlight on the Lasörling-Höhenweg is the Bergersee with the hut of the same name at 2181 meters above sea level. Via the Rote Lenke and the Micheltalscharte you reach the Neue Reichenberger Hütte, located on the idyllic Bödensee. From the Eisseehütte, located in Timmeltal at 2.521, you can walk to the Eissee in just under an hour, which is beautifully embedded in the mountain landscape on the Venediger-Höhenweg. And the Simonysee at 2.360 meters not far from the Essener and Rostocker Hütte is what many call a special place of power. Quiet waters - they invite us to relax

44 HÜTTENTAXI If you want to go high fast – on the way with the Virgental hut taxi Even holidaymakers who do not want to start their tours from the very bottom of the valley can take a taxi to the middle heights of the fascinating natural and mountain world of the Virgen Valley. By saving time and energy, you have the whole day to relax on the alpine pasture or in the area of the refuge, to recharge your batteries or to relax. The taxi also takes mountaineers to the highest starting point that can be reached by vehicle on the Lasör-ling Höhenweg. So you have a lot more time to climb the summit or reach the refuges. And on your hike from hut to hut or on your long-distance hike, the taxi will bring you comfortably back to the next starting point or to your vehicle or your accommodation. © Tschoner Virgentaler Taxi and Hut-Taxi to the Wetterkreuz Family Tschoner ◆ Mellitz 19 ◆ A-9972 Virgen Phone +43 (0) 650 5457402 Ascent Decent Ascent Decent 07:45 08:25 12:45 14:45 09:00 09:40 15:20 16:00 10:15 10:55 16:35 17:15 11:30 12:10 17:50 18:30 Our taxi stand is in Virgen between the bakery and the fire station or on the "Tratte" at the Isel car park. (Immediately after the fire station turn left and follow the street over the Isel). Reservations necessary by calling in advance! Seite 45 © Tschoner © Kratzer VENEDIGERTAXI KRATZERHut-Taxi Do you want to climb the Großvenediger in one day? Yes? No Problem! Please call us and make an appointment for the driveway to the Johannishütte. We start for you, if you want, at 3 a.m.! Your advantage: The Johannishütte (2121m) on the Venediger-Höhenweg is the ideal starting point for the shortest ascent to the "worldly majesty" the Großvenediger (3666 m) -> 5 hours. Further tours: - till Sajathütte above Kreuzspitze-Tulpscharte 3,5 h. - till Eisseehütte above Zopetscharte 3,5 h. - till Essener-Rostockerhütte above Türmljoch 3,0 h. And if you have special requests: Ask us! We do what's in our bikes!  30 people can be chauffeured to the Johannishütte at the same time  general taxi service  Mountain bike transport  Train station transfer  Overnight accommodation Transfer to the approaches: for the Venediger Höhenweg from Ströden to the Matreier Tauernhaus for the Lasörling Höhenweg from Ströden to the Guggenberg car park We are always there for you! Fam. Siegfried Kratzer Bichl 8, A-9974 Prägraten a. G. Phone 0043 4877 5369 Fax 53694

47 More information to all requests: Touristinformation Prägraten Phone +43 (0)50 212 530, Touristinformation Virgen Phone+43 (0)50 212 520, Touristinformation Matrei Phone +43 (0)50 212 500, Touristinformation Osttirol Phone +43 (0)50 212 212, Virgen Matrei Prägraten Alpine emergency number: 140 Euro emergency number: 112 The lemonade from East Tyrol sport tights massage style 1695 I 34 – 48 PanAlpTM air style 5560 I Cup A – F Anita active sports bras and tights Designed in Germany – produced by ANITA SCAN ME

48 The most beautiful passes in the country lead through the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park. The reduced FELBERTAUERN ROUND TRIP TICKET takes you around Austria‘s highest mountain through the most beautiful national park regions of the Hohe Tauern. Travel time: approx. 4 hours. Car: € 48,00 E-Car: € 42,50 Motorcycle: € 38,50 E-Motorcycle: € 33,50 Round trip Großglockner - Felbertauern